Tweet Tweet!

This is our first guest post!

Hi there! My name is Tara Rosenbaum and I am the PRSSA President of the Daniel Thornburgh PRSSA Chapter at Eastern Illinois University. I am going to talk about the importance of Twitter and how I am incorporating it into an interactive workshop called TweetShop for my Chapter and EIU students.

Twitter is a great way to enhance your professional development. So if you start seeing it as a tool for your future and less of a social tool you can begin to use it to your advantage.

Tips on using Twitter:

1. Don’t use it for status updates.

  • If you want a place to do that (that isn’t Facebook) get a separate Twitter for you and your immediate friends to see these kinds of tweets.

2. Start your personal brand with your Twitter handle.

  • I personally use my name @tararosenbaum (feel free to follow me). This is a great way for people to connect all my social media sites (FB, blogger, Linked-in, gmail) to me, Tara Rosenbaum, the EIU student.
  • b. Do not brand yourself as hotgirl34. Professionals won’t take you seriously with that kind of a brand.

3. Talk to the people you follow.

  • Wednesday, I was at the Hoosier PRSA Luncheon for Half Day with a Pro (the Indiana PRSA) and Sonja Popp Stahly said to interact with the professionals you follow. She doesn’t always follow students back but if you start talking to her your stick in her mind.
  • What better way for a student to get a professionals attention?

4. Use TwitterChats.

  • There are at least 200 regular TwitterChats that happen frequentely ranging from PR to nutrition to healthcare.
  • Take advantage of all things you love and connect with people from all over.

5. Retweet.

  • This is a simple way to show the person who posted a tweet that you find their information useful.
  • It is also great way to spread the knowledge.

6. Get Tweetdeck or Hootsuite

  • These are two popular platforms for organizing your Tweets.
  • I use Tweetdeck (Like Lauren!) and absolutely love it!

7. Use Twitter Lists

  • This is a great function Twitter provides to organize people and their tweets.
  • I have different lists for different groups of people. Here are examples of my lists: bands, PRSSA members, PR organizations, and tv shows.

How I am incorporating all of the above into the TweetShop.

This workshop is open to any and all EIU students. So, I am going to assume that not everyone at the TweetShop has a Twitter account or if they do they don’t fully understand how to use it.

This workshop will be happening in one of our Mac Labs so attendees can either bring their personal laptops or use one of the Macs available.

First, we may have to start with setting up accounts. Then there will be a discussion on the aforementioned Twitter tips.

Then I’m going to explain the difference between replies, retweets, direct messages and hashtags.

I’m going to ask people to either become friends with people in the room or follow a friend not in the room and practice these different aspects of Twitter.

After all of that is accomplished, I’m going start a hashtag just for our use (it will most likely be #eiuprssa) and show them how to use

I am hoping that all of this knowledge will help the students understand the importance of Twitter and how to properly use it.

I’m going to print off a list popular PR chats to hand out with the times the chat happen to encourage them to start using the chats.

For more information, please contact Tara, EIU PRSSA President, @EIUPRSSA or @tararosenbaum for more information.





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3 Responses to Tweet Tweet!

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  2. Lauren Gray says:

    Thanks for this post Tara!! We are really looking forward to planning our own social media workshop!!

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