FB Groups for Exec. Members

Even though we are communication and PR students, sometimes we still have trouble communicating with each other it seems. Facebook helped our executive staff solve this problem.

We recently opened a new “secret” FB group for our PRSSA exec. members and this has been the most helpful thing for us so far.

The new FB groups allow you to add anyone you want to the group (you don’t need to ask them) and you can make the group “closed” to where people have to ask to join or “secret” to where only the selected group members can see anything posted.


  • Add documents
  • Add pictures
  • Add posts (kind of similar to wall posts, but all on one wall)
  • Add video
  • Add events
  • Add links


  • Cuts down on e-mails
  • All news in one place for just exec. members to see
  • See everyone’s posts
  • Records of comments and such
  • Share documents and links secretly
  • All information only exec. can see
  • On Facebook (like we are all the time)

If you have not implemented this for your PRSSA exec. members I suggest you do so. It’s really easy to do and VERY quick to set up!

Facebook’s post on this new feature: http://www.facebook.com/blog.php?post=434700832130

How to use the new group feature (via Facebook’s YouTube): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6ud_SZARCs

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us! This is a great feature, especially for means of communication to other exec. members!

Post written by WCU PRSSA President, Lauren Gray. Connect with Lauren: @laurenkgray and website



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