Setting Goals with Social Media

1.) Improve online presence via website & social media
2.) Increase member involvement outside of chapter meetings & events
These were two big goals for our PRSSA Chapter at Grand Valley State University this school year that we have already succeeded.
To reach our success, our executive board teamed up to brainstorm some fun, easy ways to accomplish these goals. The best part about them? They are applicable to every PRSSA chapter…

Blog []
In order to make our website more interactive and content-rich, our chapter offered weekly guest blog posts to give our members a blogging experience. As an e-board, we created a list of possible topics to get our members started, but ultimately let them blog about anything PR-related. To date, we have had 5 GVSU chapter member guest blog posts, on topics such as networking, agency tours, and why joining PRSSA is beneficial. Being featured on the GVSU PRSSA website is a great way to showcase our members and their writing skills, as well as drive traffic to our website.

Twitter [@GVSU_PRSSA]
Eight GVSU PRSSA members returned from National Conference with so many new social media ideas, and most of them were on Twitter. We started tweeting at least once per day;  tweeting anytime something new was posted to our website, retweeting other PRSSA chapters, and more. It was instantly successful, we have @replies than every before. Our Twitter Rule of Thumb: if you want others to retweet you or mention you in a post, then you have to talk about more than just yourself.

Facebook [Public Relations Student Society of America – GVSU Chapter]
Our GVSU chapter started off the school year with only a Facebook group, but as an e-board we decided that a Facebook Fan Page would be better. With our new fan page, we instantly created events for every single meeting, social, and fundraiser, and then invited members and all of our friends. We were weary of the switch from the group to the fan page, but soon members began to “like” it, and they were writing on the wall, tagging us in posts, and adding photos to our page like crazy! The Facebook fan page has definitely served as a resource of information for members and prospective members, as well as another link to our website and Twitter.

We would be happy to share more thoughts! Contact Heather Smith, GVSU Chapter Secretary (@heatherAsmith) and Stephanie Rice, GVSU Chapter President (@StephanieRice) at……. Peace, Love & PR!



The PRSSA at Western Carolina University! Tweet us @WCUPRSSA!
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One Response to Setting Goals with Social Media

  1. Lauren Gray says:

    Thank you to @GVSU_PRSSA for this guest post!!

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