Social Fresh & ECU PRSSA Regional Activity!

Last week, a few of our members went to a few different conferences in Florida, North Carolina and Georgia! Attending conferences is something we try to stress to our members because conferences lead to networking, building a better knowledge base and more.

Click here for more information about the Social Fresh Tampa conference.

Chapter President Lauren Gray and Chapter members Steve Sutton and Mary Finley went to Social Fresh Tampa first.

Social Fresh Tampa was on Feb. 21 and 22. It is an annual social media conference focusing on social media case studies, live panels, new social media tools and new social media strategies. Lauren, Steve and Mary were some of the few students at this conference, but they learned a lot while they were there and had a great time!

Mary Finley said, “My favorite thing I learned at Social Fresh was from the hospitality and hotel PR session with Brian Simpson about applying hotel PR concepts to other parts of PR. My favorite part of the conference was the Q&A panels from the professionals and speakers and the attending the networking parties with everyone!”

Lauren Gray said, “My favorite part of Social Fresh was Chris Penn‘s Facebook analytics session because it made me realize I need to learn more about SEO, ROI and analytics in general and Paula Berg‘s session about Social Media Poisons and Antidotes about things we should and should not be doing online. I also loved meeting people from Twitter in real life and connecting with them! Another cool thing was tweeting live from the @socialfreshlive Twitter account.”

Steve Sutton said, “The thing that really surprised and enlightened me at Social Fresh was the ‘likegate’ phenomenon on Facebook. Research is showing that liking a product on Facebook helps a product’s sales and popularity tremendously. So it is of the utmost importance to be able to advertise via social media effectively. My favorite part of the conference was meeting new people and connecting with new people.”


Notable Quotes from Social Fresh:

“I see crisis as an opportunity to show people what your company is made of.” – Paula Berg

“Really, you’re still asking if you should be on Facebook? There are 600 million people on it!” – Justin Levy

“Implementing a social support strategy is 10% technology and 90% people and processes.” – Kristy Bolsinger

“The #1 most valuable piece of real estate is the FB newsfeed! Only 1 in 500 updates make it!” – Ellie Mirman

‎”Facebook is NOT the end all, be all: only a part of your overall marketing strategy.” – Justin Levy

“What would happen if Twitter or Facebook disappeared tomorrow? You need a blog to house all your content.” – Ellie Mirman

Learn more about the speakers from Social Fresh here.

For more information about ECU PRSSA, please follow them @ECUPRSSA on Twitter. 

The next conference, just three days later, was the ECU PRSSA Regional Activity “A PR Life is the Life for Me!” on Feb. 25-26 at Eastern Carolina University.

Chapter President Lauren Gray also attended this conference and had a great time there as well!

Lauren Gray said, “My favorite part of this conference was that it was a smaller scale conference so you could easily network with others. I also had a great time during the speed networking sessions connecting with other students and professionals. It was also great to see people again from PRSSA National Conference too! I definitely learned a lot about preparing for my future career and first job too.”

To learn more about PRSSA Regional Activities please refer to the PRSSA National website and see our post about preparing for a PRSSA Regional Activity guest post by @JRTheOneAndOnly, event coordinator for ECU PRSSA’s Regional Activity.


For a recap of of Real World PR, please visit go here –



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