When should you start looking for summer 2012 internships?

Summer internships are always a big question on students’ minds. Where should I intern? What company do I want to intern for? When should I apply for summer internships?

We asked a question to the #HAPPO, #PRSSA and #PRstudchat hashtags on Twitter about when should students start looking for summer 2012 internships and here are some responses from a few of the best minds in our industry:

Jason Mollica: You should check with your advisors, but normally start seeing call for them in March.

Valerie Simon: No one official date, but start researching summer internship opportunities now. Work on/Submit over Dec/Jan break. Do your homework first. Many websites will tell you when to submit for their intern program.

Richie Escovedo: Identify orgs/agencies now that offer summer internships then get your foot in the door soon.

Arik Hanson:  Take that one step further, ID individuals at those orgs or agencies and ask them to coffee.  You can find out more about the organization that way too.

Justin Goldsborough: Many agencies and companies hire interns year round. For summer, I’d be reaching out in Jan/Feb.

Jeremy Pepper: Now if students are doing the right thing, they’re already networking. It’s early, but not too early.

These PRofessionals seem to agree that now is the time to start reaching out to companies and getting intros to people at the company. Get to know the company before reaching out and try to get your foot in the door.

Applications for some organizations and companies may be available as early as December or as late as March. Stay updated and follow the company websites for updates on internship opportunities. It also never hurts to pick up the phone and ask about internship opportunities as well.

Thank you to the professionals who answered our question!

Keep in mind that PRSSA has the PRSSA Internship Center with many internships available around the country! Check out the internships there and get in touch with Joe Clarkson, vice president of internship/job services, if you need your Chapter code to login.



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4 Responses to When should you start looking for summer 2012 internships?

  1. All great advice! To add to this, I participated in and wrote a subsequent post to the Speed Networking session at (PRSSA) National Conference last month that also included a few tidbits. The post is at http://budurl.com/9nnx if you’d like to check it out. 🙂

  2. mdbarber says:

    It’s a great project for Winter Break. Meet with companies where you’re interested in interning, just to establish the relationship and let them know you’re interested. Also, meet with senior professionals in the marketplace to get ideas from them on other people you should talk with. It’s all about building and retaining those relationships. Be sure you follow-up afterward with a thank you note (handwritten, snail mail makes the biggest impact) and then stay in touch during the semester. Keep this up at Spring Break as well.

  3. GirlMeetsBlog says:

    I would say as early as November. Some top companies offer internships and have a detailed process for applying. Also, keep an eye out on internship posting to see what is available throughout the year.

  4. I agree with so many of the comments above…. for us, we don’t have many PR interns but our summer internships are all sewn up by spring break which is just when some kids are applying…. Reaching out to the companies you are interested in now is a good use of your time. You can differentiate yourself and continue some of the networking that hopefully you’ve started. (Go Catamounts!)

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