Assignments updated on 1/13/2014

  1. Skype Calls for the Semester
    1. JD and Megan
    2. Feb 2nd Lauren Grey Skype
    3. March 2nd Jay Rochester Skype
    4. March 23rd Marie Harrington Speaker
    5. April 13 Natalie Flores Skype
    6. Goals for the Skype Calls:
      1. Keep in contact with speakers and send reminders to them about the event.
      2. Make sure to have them added as the friend list on the WCU PRSSA Skype.
      3. Make sure that room has adequate sound checks and video checks for Skype Call.
  2. Career Fair
    1. Hilary, Megan, and Nick
      1. Make calls to PR businesses that would be interested in coming to the Career Fair on March 25.
      2. See Ceilie Simkiss once business is interested.
      3. Make a write-up to show interest in career fair to send to Charlotte PRS(S)A chapter to spark anyone who might want to come.
  3. Bogart’s % Night
    1. TBD
  4. Conferences (National and Atlanta Real World)
    1. Julia and Liz
    2. Write up for conferences including important due dates and registration times, locations, and events going on in the conferences.
    3. Send out reminders on social media and in e-mails.
    4. Write up the e-mails and send to our secretary, Heather, for lift-off.
  5. Social Board Game Night
    1. J.D., Julia, and Hilary.
      1. Promote social night with fliers
      2. Gathering of board games and snacks
      3. Write-up for other organizations and make this a communication department social event.
  6. Internship Work Shop January 26, 2014
    1. Hilary, Heather, Nick
    2. Contact career services
    3. Get some guest speakers
    4. Find valuable resources for internships
    5. Promote workshop through fliers and DonCon.

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